Participating as a Pacific Gives Ambassador is one of the most important ways to help ensure the success of Pacific Gives 2017. Ambassadors help spread the word about Pacific Gives on social media, through email, and by word of mouth to help maximize the traffic on our website during our 24 hour day of giving. Our Ambassador Toolkit provides step by step instructions for how you can help us achieve our goal of 500 gifts to Pacific in 24 hours. 

Once you sign up as an Ambassador and familiarize yourself with our Pacific Gives timeline, you can begin to help us build excitement. Send your friends an email or make a Facebook post reminding them to give during Pacific Gives 2017.

Feeling at a loss for words? Don't worry, our Ambassador Toolkit has plenty of sample emails, tweets and posts for you to use on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn before during and after the big day. 

We're depending on you to help us make Pacific Gives 2017 a success. Thank you for volunteering to be a Pacific Gives Ambassador!