Each gift provides needed resources to multiple students.

The Pacific Food Pantry provides critical needed resources for students with food insecurity. Food insecurity is defined as "being without access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food." It manifests as skipped meals, smaller meals or altered spending habits on food purchases.

As you can imagine, when students are struggling with food insecurity, their ability to remain focused on the path to graduation is compromised. Thanks to the generosity of individuals, grants, and corporate gifts, the Food Pantry can provide resources at no cost to students with a Pacific ID.

"I've never been in the position where I had to rely on others to make sure I was going to eat. I'm not sure where I would've turned to for food if it weren't for the support, donations, and resources that you all have given us." - Student Recipient

"It is people like you who give me hope for the world. Often times, struggles like this go unnoticed and it is shameful to talk about to others. Thank you for reaching out your arm of compassion and generosity and making this time a little less stressful."  - Student Recipient

Give today to support our students in need at Pacific. 

Each gift provides needed funds to stock non-perishable food, fresh produce, and hygiene necessities. 

$10 = 100 lbs of food 

$50 =  A virtual food pantry card for one student

$100 = Virtual food pantry cards for two students

$500 = 250 lbs of fresh produce from the Robb Garden

$1,000 = Keeps the pantry open for over 60 hours, about a month, and supports students through on-campus employment

If you would like to donate physical food or hygiene items directly, please visit the Pacific Food Pantry website to learn when the pantry is open. Or, view the Pantry's Amazon wishlist and have food sent directly.