Pacific Food Pantry

Each gift provides needed resources to multiple students.

The Pacific Food Pantry is 100% donor funded and provides critical needed resources for students with food insecurity. Food insecurity is defined as "being without access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food." It manifests as skipped meals, smaller meals or altered spending habits on food purchases continue.

As you can imagine, when students are struggling with food insecurity, their ability to remain focused on the path to graduation is compromised. Thanks to the generosity of individuals, grants, and corporate gifts, the Food Pantry can provide resources at no cost to students in need with a Pacific ID.

This year, with changes to CalFresh and inflation, the Food Pantry has seen an increased need from students, particularly at the San Francisco and Sacramento campuses. The average number of visits per month is just over 100, and produce from the Ted & Chris Robb garden on the Stockton campus is extremely popular with students arriving early on delivery days.

"Thank you for your generous contribution for students like me who stress daily if I will be able to afford food. It is so appreciated and words cannot not describe how grateful I am." - Sacramento student

"It was hard for me to ask for help over the years because I think that others have it harder, but it's brought to my attention that rationing my food or getting used to not eating isn't healthy or even going through the day off bread and chips isn't ideal."  - San Francisco student

“ I am so grateful to be receiving these gift cards to assist with purchasing healthy food during my graduate education. Without this assistance, I know that I would be more stressed about purchasing healthy food and ensuring I am able to make healthy meals all month long.” - Stockton student

Your gift today will help the Food Pantry serve current students and meet the increasing demand that has grown by 139% since 2019. This includes use of virtual food pantry cards in which a record 46 requests have already been made this November. 

Give today to support our students in need at Pacific. 

Each gift provides needed funds to stock non-perishable food, fresh produce and hygiene necessities. 

$10 = 100 lbs of food 

$25 = provides milk (plant or dairy) for 6-7 people

$50 =  A virtual food pantry card for one student

$100 = Virtual food pantry cards for two students

$500 = 250 lbs of fresh produce from the Robb Garden

$1,000 = Keeps the pantry open for over 60 hours, about a month, and supports students through on-campus employment

If you would like to donate physical food or hygiene items directly, please visit the Pacific Food Pantry website to learn when the pantry is open. Direct food donations from Amazon wishlist is also helpful and can be sent to: Pacific Food Pantry, University of the Pacific, 3601 Pacific Ave., Stockton, CA 95211.