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Crowdfunding is a great way for Pacific students and faculty to get their projects and initiatives funded without having to pay fees associated with other crowdfunding platforms. 

In order to apply, you must be a current Pacific student, faculty member or staff. 

Please submit your application as early as possible, but no later than 2 months prior to the date you will need access to the funds raised. This will allow our office enough time to review your application, for you to collect/create your campaign's collateral materials, and to run a well-planned fundraising campaign. If your project deadline is not within this window...your application may be denied.

Raising thousands of dollars takes time and good planning. When you think you're ready, look at your calendars and apply ASAP. If there isn't enough time this year, start planning for next year!                    



Please complete the Crowdfunding Project Application in its entirety. Further details and examples are listed below. 


Brief Description 

Please provide a detailed summary of what you will be fundraising for and who it will benefit. Project examples might be supplies for service work, a trip to complete a specified task or materials needed to complete a required senior project. Initiative examples might be a Pacific-related project your organization is trying to get started or to create a new program on campus or enhance an already existing program. Tangible item examples might be a piece of equipment needed in a department for education purposes and student use or something that would benefit many Pacific students.


Fundraising projects whose primary focus does not benefit or enhance the experience of Pacific students will not be considered. The type of project you choose to submit should have a lasting effect and help further the mission of the Pacific group it benefits. Do not submit proposals to fund projects for individual group members such as t-shirts or sweatshirts, catering costs, office supplies or to benefit any organization external to Pacific. 


Fundraising Goal

Although there is no set dollar range for projects, the goal must be reasonable. Your fundraising total will come from many small gifts as opposed to a few large gifts. Suggested fundraising goals are $500-$5,000.


Provide an outline of when and how the money will be spent if your project is fully funded.


Who is responsible for submitting updates on the project?

Everyone involved in your organization or group is encouraged to help spread the word via their personal contacts. However, one person is required to provide updates and act as the spokesperson for your project. This individual will be asked to attend campaign meetings before, during and at the conclusion of the campaign. The spokesperson may belong to several organizations submitting proposals but may only act as a spokesperson on one campaign at a time.


Faculty or Staff Involved with Project

If you are a student, do you have any staff or faculty who are committed to helping you reach your goal or an advisor? Please list their names, departments, and email below.

Content Creation

Your campaign page must contain a project description such as an overview of long-term and short-term goals, and the impact for your group. Please note, this text also gets shared when you share your project link on social media. You may also include a personal message for prospective donors to learn more about your campaign. High resolution images, videos can also be included on your project site. Pease make sure to have these items available when you start your application. 

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