About Crowdfunding

Welcome to the official crowdfunding platform of the University of the Pacific. Crowdfunding is a great way to help student groups, faculty, researchers, and athletes raise funds for their projects and initiatives and a way for community members to become involved with the many exciting things happening at Pacific. It encourages a community of philanthropy both on our three campuses and beyond! We invite you to explore our page and support a project that interests you. 


University of the Pacific FAQ

What is Pacific Crowdfunding?

Pacific Crowdfunding is a way for you to directly support projects created by Pacific students, faculty and staff. You can impact Pacific students and our community by directly giving to projects that resonate with you. 

Does Pacific Crowdfunding charge any fees, like Kickstarter or GoFundMe?

No, 100% of your gift will go directly towards support Pacific Students and the Pacific Community. The goal of Pacific Crowdfunding is to allow Pacificans to leverage their existing networks to achieve fundraising goals without having to give some of the money they raise back to a company. 

How will people learn about my project?

Crowdfunding relies on personal networking—your best supporters love Pacific, but they really love you and your project. Crowdfunding is a peer-to-peer solicitation rather than an institutional solicitation. Use your personal, group, department or team’s email lists, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, LinkedIn groups, etc. to promote your project. It’s best to bring your own “crowd.” If you and your team do not have a pre-existing audience, then crowdfunding might not be the best platform to raise money for your project.

What is an appropriate dollar goal for Pacific Crowdfunding Projects?

We encourage projects with goals between $200 - $5000. Partially funded projects will still receiving the money they raise from Pacific Crowdfunding. 

Are gifts tax deductible?

Yes, all gifts are 100% tax deductible. You will receive an email receipt confirming your gift to use for tax purposes. 

Can anyone support the projects listed on this site?

Yes! You don't have to be a student or alumni to support Pacific students, student-athletes, and faculty. 

Can anyone submit a project?

You must be a Pacific student, faculty or staff member in order to submit a project to Pacific Crowdfunding.