Summer and Fall 2022 Food Pantry Update

November 09, 2022

Between July and October 2022, the Pacific Food Pantry had 300+ visits serving more than 200 individual Pacific students. More than 1,000 pounds of fresh produce was generously supplied to the pantry by student gardeners of the Ted and Chris Robb Garden. 

Our students wanted to share some words of gratitude: 

"Thank you for supporting us throughout our education. Balancing school and internship is a lot for me and I appreciate the care you show by supporting students." -- Sacramento campus student, July 2022

"Thank you for providing us with food. It does make a difference." --- Stockton campus student, July 2022 

"Thank you so much, this truly means a lot to my family and I and helps me stay dedicated to my schooling." -- Sacramento campus student, August 2022 

Pacific Food Pantry update

May 28, 2020

To date, 80 students have received gift cards.

Pacific Food Pantry update

May 15, 2020

To date, 60 students have requested gift cards.


The Ted and Chris Robb Garden will continue to offer fresh produce on a weekly basis for students who live locally.


Quotes from grateful student recipients:

  • "I've never been in a position where I had to rely on others to make sure I was going to eat. I'm not sure where I would've turned to for food if it weren't for the support, donations and resources that you all have given us."
  • "I absolutely appreciate what you are doing for the community by donating to me and my children. I often go without so that my kids can eat enough. It's really hard to study when you can't eat all the time."

Pacific Food Pantry

May 01, 2020

The pantry is now offering physical and electronic gift cards to grocery stores. Students can apply by filling out this virtual request form.

To date, 6 students have requested gift cards.

Update from Sustainability Director

April 23, 2020

Update from Jessica Bilecki, Sustainability Director


First, I would like to thank the generous members of the Pacific Community for their support of The Pacific Food Pantry.


The Pacific Food Pantry has remained open and accessible to students on and near the Stockton campus. To broaden our reach and serve more students facing food insecurity, we are working on the process of administering gift cards to students for use at grocery stores.


The Ted and Chris Robb Garden is still being cultivated and continues to supply fresh produce to Pacificans utilizing the food Pantry. 

There is renewed interest in learning how to grow more food at home, precisely what the Ted & Chris Robb Garden teaches! 


I am grateful for the generous donors whose support has allowed us to provide a critical opportunity for Pacific students facing food insecurity. With an anticipated increase in need, I hope others will join and help us support every Pacific Student facing Food Insecurity.


Thank you,

Jessica Bilecki, Sustainability Directory

Pacific Food Pantry update

April 14, 2020

The Pacific Food Pantry is actively collecting and providing food to students experiencing food insecurity.

The Ted and Chris Robb Garden is also providing produce for the Pantry on a weekly basis.


Students are still accessing the Pantry, including students who remain on campus and students who live locally.

One local student recently visited the Pantry with her children and was given extra food to support her family.

Weekly, at least two students visit to receive fresh produce and the Pantry receives about five visitors.


Due to the pandemic, the Pantry has not been able to procure food from its usual sources. As a result, items are being purchased directly from grocery stores where prices are higher and many pantry staples are unavailable. In response, the Pantry is planning to launch a virtual component so that it can provide students with gift cards to local grocery stores within walking distance of the Stockton campus.