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Callison College and SIS Study Room

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Raised toward our $30,000 Goal
113 Donors
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Project ended on December 31, at 11:59 PM PST
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November Update

November 26, 2019

Dear Callison College and School of International Studies Alums and Classmates---


Great news just in time for Thanksgiving---we’ve reached our $30,000 fundraising goal, and the Callison College & School of International Studies Room in the renovated Holt Library will become a reality! Many, many thanks to the 109 donors (to date) who have helped achieve the goal of establishing the room that will reflect Pacific’s historic commitment to international and cross-cultural studies and encourage that important commitment to continue.


While the primary fundraising goal has been reached, we want to assure anyone who would still like to donate that their contributions are still welcomed and will be used exclusively for the Callison College & School of International Studies Room. Our upcoming task (and cost) is to furnish the room with exhibits and displays of memorabilia that reflect the school’s rich legacy and effectively represent Callison and SIS and the significance of the alumni and professors. Any further funds will be designated for the specific upkeep of the Callison College & School of International Studies Room.


Fundraising for the room will end on December 31, 2019. The dedication will be held on March 19, 2020. We hope you can attend.


Thank you all again for your support of Callison College and the School of International Studies!


Steering Committee: Wendy Kase, Callison ’74 (Bangalore IV), Frank J. Young, Callison ’72 (Bangalore II), Randy Barton Boyer, Callison ’72 (Bangalore II), John Copley, Callison ’72 (Bangalore II), Christoper Szecsey, Callison ’71 (Bangalore I), Claire Fagley Ginesi, Callison ’75, Cheryl Crippen, SIS ’91, Amy Curlee, SIS ’06,  Bill Maxwell, Ray/Cal ‘82

Donor List

November 22, 2019

Randy Barton Boyer '72 $1,000


Christopher Szecsey '71 $1,000


Claire Fagley Ginesi and Larry Ginesi '75 $1,000


Susanne Stirling '75 $1,000 To the memory of Dr. Walter Payne


Frank Young '72 $1,000 In Honor of Dr. Larry A. Jackson


Kathi Anderson '81 Undisclosed Amount


Bill Herrin $500 In Honor of SIS Founding Professors David Keefe and Bruce LaBrack


Cheryl Crippen '91 $300 In Honor of Founding Dean of SIS, Professor Cortland Smith


Paul V.Oliva '87 $1,000 In Honor of My high school counselor Tim Loree, my mom Barbara, and dad Tony


Jeanne Mardis '91 Undisclosed Amount


Julie Conley '91 Undisclosed Amount


Laura Leafstrand '92 Undisclosed Amount


Venilde Jeronimo '90 Undisclosed Amount


Laurie McBride '71 Undisclosed Amount


Karel McElfish '71 Undisclosed Amount


James Geller '79 $100


Felicitas Marquez '04 Undisclosed Amount


William Ketchum '74 $200 In Honor of Bangalore IV


Joe Machado '00 Undisclosed Amount


Grant Ennis '07 $300


Oona Mallett '03 Undisclosed Amount


Christian Haseleu '72 $100


Judith Proulx $200 In Memory of Lois Gill Proulx

Jerene Good '71 $1,000


Rhonda brown '77 Undisclosed Amount


William Maxwell Jr. '82 Undisclosed Amount


Randall Wong c/o 1971 $100


John Copley '72 $500


Baxter Urist '72 $500


Kristine Saitama '93 Undisclosed Amount


Becky Wooten '77 Undisclosed Amount


Mike Long '74 $100 In Honor of Larry Meredith


Katherine Cook '72 Undisclosed Amount In Memory of Anina Louis Callison '71


Deborah Francis Ames '72 Undisclosed Amount


Jacky Thompson '72 $100


Robin Jedlicka Fawkes '73 $500 In Honor of Bangalore III


Amy Curlee '06 $100


Renee Deubner $100 In Honor of SIS class of '92


MARY DALSIN $100 In Honor of Class of '90 and SIS professors


Jeanne Farr '80 $200 In Honor of The Most Esteemed and Beloved Dr. Larry Meredith


David Harnish '76 $50


Ginger Tulley '79 Undisclosed Amount


Peggy Gibbs $200 In Memory of My parents Louis and Holly Olson

Natalie Bautista '18 Undisclosed Amount


Susan BLAIR $300 In Honor of Bangalore II


Mrs. Jean Hasser '71 $100


Gayle Erbe-Hamlin '71 Undisclosed Amount In Honor of Christopher Szecsey


Theodore  Kingsley 1979 Undisclosed Amount


Mr. John West '71 Undisclosed Amount


Anonymous Undisclosed Amount


Jack Delman '72 $300


Mitra Adams (/Christine Foley) $100 In Honor of My mother, Edythe Lawton Foley, who found Callison


Karen Hoewing $500 In Honor of Stanley Croker, Bangalore IV Professor, Advisor & Friend

Donor List (Cont.)

November 22, 2019

Wade Bird '73 $500 In Honor of Boyd Mathias and Larry Meredith


Catherine Williamson '71 Undisclosed Amount


Mr. Jonathan Meredith '73 Undisclosed Amount




Judy Kuntz '72 Undisclosed Amount


Ms. Jo Valens '71 Undisclosed Amount


Georgette Hunefeld $60 In Memory of Dr. Margaret Branson '44


Kendra Bruno '09 Undisclosed Amount


Debbie Yee '09 $25


Howard E. Moseley '89 $500


Laurie McBride '71 $100


Deidre Graham '15 Undisclosed Amount


Rosalinda Rea '71 $500


Dan Slater '71 Undisclosed Amount


J. Manuel Herrera '71 Undisclosed Amount


Ralph Perry $100 In Honor of Callison Class of 1974


Janice Norberg Cinquegrano Undisclosed Amount In Memory of Michael Payne


Dr. Gilbert Schedler $25


Mr. and Mrs. Foster Perry III '74 Undisclosed Amount


Dr. David Keefe Undisclosed Amount


Michele McCarter Lukas '72 $1,000


Derek Lee '74 Undisclosed Amount


Mr. A Baum and Donna White '74 Undisclosed Amount


Ms. Martha McClellan Meredith '71 Undisclosed Amount In honor of Christopher Szecsey


Candace Rubin '74 Undisclosed Amount


Sandy Cornforth Moore $100 In Memory of Dorothy Reed


Trisha Bury $100 In Honor of I can still draw the world map from memory. Thanks.


Anonymous Undisclosed Amount


Jarek Stanley $100 In Honor of having a friend in every corner of the globe


Karen Bennett Undisclosed Amount In Honor of Weldon & Pat Crowley


Joseph Ragen Undisclosed Amount In Honor of Callison College Class of 1975


Matt Garner Undisclosed Amount


Mike Long $100 In Honor of Dr. Larry Meredith


Elizabeth (Izzy Brinkley, class of 1974) Rosane $50


Wendy Kase '73 Undisclosed Amount


Julie Saal Phoenix Undisclosed Amount In Memory of Nikki Krejci


Brittany O'Brien Undisclosed Amount




Robert Hayworth $500


Bethany Fleisher $50


Christopher Benton Undisclosed Amount


Margaret (Fielder) Neitzel Undisclosed Amount In Honor of Prof. Susan Sample


Karen Fox $300 In Honor of Margaret Cormack and Leonard Humphreys


Paola Davis Undisclosed Amount


Jeff Swartz Undisclosed Amount


DawnL Jones Undisclosed Amount


Bruce La Brack $100


Danny Hansen $100


Jennifer Espinoza $50


Kathleen (Katie) (Pahre) Andrade Undisclosed Amount


Brendan O'Hearn $100


Caitlin Rusche Undisclosed Amount


Carolyn Shelton Undisclosed Amount


Ms. Mary Lukens '73 Undisclosed Amount


Ms. Anne Sylvester '72 Undisclosed Amount


Jeffrey Yost '06 $100 In Honor of the honorable honor of honoring this h... you get the idea


Hannah Davis $50 In Honor of Hannah Jacqueline Davis, Adriana Ortega and the S.I.S. Class of Spring 2021


Update from Amy Curlee

November 12, 2019

Please check out Amy Curlee's video update! 

Update on the Callison/SIS Crowdfunding 10/28/2019

October 28, 2019

We are now over 75% of the way to our goal of $30,000 since our fundraising campaign launched in July! We are on the final stretch of our alumni-driven effort to honor the legacy of Callison and Ray/Cal colleges and the ongoing commitment to international education through the School of International Studies. We are hoping to increase the number of alumni who support this endeavor with donations of any amount to show the widespread impact of our education. We have had several events this fall that have demonstrated the significance of our education and commitment to multidisciplinary approaches to learning across cultures:


Pacific Weekend (October 11-13) was a great time to connect with faculty, alumni and current students from Callison College and the School of International Studies. Director of SIS Bill Herrin started off the morning with an announcement that Dr. Margaret Branson bequeathed a generous gift of $500,000 to the School of International Studies, to continue the significant international education programming offered by SIS.


We had a morning event facilitated by Christopher Szecsey (Callison '71) that included breakout discussion sessions between Callison and SIS alumni and current students to share in the ways that our international education has impacted our lives and career development.  We were grateful to have several professor emeriti in attendance, including Dr. David Keefe and Dr. Reuben Smith (SIS), and Dr. Gil Schedler and Dr. Gary Howell from Callison College. The lively cross-generational discussions across five decades of Callison-SIS alumni highlighted the significance and meaning of our amazing interdisciplinary international education.


Members from the steering committee (Christopher Szecsey ’71, Randy Boyer ‘72, Cheryl Crippen ’91) highlighted our current fundraising efforts to showcase the innovative approach to international education at Pacific through the current School of International Studies and the legacy of Callison College.


On the evening of October 12, we gathered in George Wilson Hall to share memories of Dean Martin Needler who passed away in June. In attendance were three asst/assoc deans who worked with Dean Needler during his tenure at SIS from 1990-1998: Dr. David Keefe, Dr. Brian Klunk, and Dr. Cheryl Crippen (SIS '91). Thank you to all who were able to attend and to those who sent condolences and favorite memories that we shared with his wife Jan Black and son Dan Needler.


For those of you who have already supported the Callison/ SIS Study Room- Thank you!

If you have not yet given, please join us as we create this amazing Legacy!


Update message from Steering Committee

September 02, 2019

Dear Callison, Ray/Cal and SIS Classmates,


The campaign to fund a named Study Room in honor of Callison College and the School of International Studies is off to a tremendous start.  We have already reached 45% of the funding goal with the help of 40 donors. Our crowdfunding website lists the names of our classmates who have contributed so far.  If you have contributed either by pledge or directly online, Thank You Very Much for our success to date!


It’s now time for the rest of us to do what we can to signal our support for the education that Callison pioneered and SIS proudly continues. We welcome $100 donations or more, but any amount will be recognized with your name listed on the “donor wall”. While we must reach our funding goal, the amount you give is less important than having your support. The more of us who participate, the stronger the signal to Pacific that this type of education deserves to be continued and strengthened. 


Please join us and act today. Let’s build on a half century of excellence in international and cross-cultural education, honor the legacy of Callison and Ray/Cal, and support SIS today. Your involvement at any level will make a big impact! You can make an online secure cash donation on this page or pledge an amount over time to Jen Aldridge.


We would also like to invite you to the following upcoming events:


SIS-Callison College Celebration of UOP International and Cross-Cultural Studies

Saturday, October 12 at 10:00 am

George Wilson Hall Baxter Walkway, University of the Pacific, 3601 Pacific Ave., Stockton, CA 95211

Come learn about an exciting alumni-driven initiative from the SIS-Callison Steering Committee to honor international and cross-cultural studies at Pacific, with the participation of SIS and Callison professors, alumni, students and SIS Advisory Board members.


Celebration of Life for former SIS Dean Martin Needler

Saturday, October 12 at 7:00 pm

George Wilson Hall Baxter Walkway, University of the Pacific, 3601 Pacific Ave., Stockton, CA 95211

The School of International Studies is hosting a celebration of the life of Dr. Martin C. Needler, SIS Dean from 1990-98, who passed away on June 15.  We invite all who knew Martin to come by to share stories and memories.  All other friends of SIS are also welcome to come and learn more about this part of our school’s past. 

Keep checking back on our crowdfunding site and the Callison and SIS alumni Facebook pages for updates of events and news as the campaign moves forward.



Steering Committee

Choose a giving level



To join classmates and become an active supporter of the Callison College-School of International Studies Room.



To join classmates to honor the legacy and impact of Callison College, Ray/Cal and the School of International Studies at the University of the Pacific.



To recognize more than a half-century of international and cross-cultural studies through Callison College, Ray/Cal and the School of International Studies at the University of the Pacific.



To join classmates as “century” donors in supporting a Callison College-School of International Studies Room in Holt Library.



To honor the impact that Callison, Ray/Cal and the School of International Studies has had on your professional and personal lives.



A significant contribution that helps ensure the Callison-School of International Studies Room becomes an enduring symbol of international and cross-cultural education at Pacific.



To honor the professors and staff who taught and mentored you and your classmates throughout your time at Callison, Ray/Cal and the School of International Studies.



To join classmates to demonstrate your commitment to sustain and strengthen a strong program of international and cross-cultural education at Pacific.