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Pacific Solar Car Club

The Pacific Solar Car Project aims to race in the summer 2024 American Solar Challenge (ASC) to improve technologies for sustainable energy at low cost. Together, we are forming a space for project-based learning and hands-on experience for ALL University of the Pacific students and interested persons.

We are dedicated to promoting overlooked, essential businesses that make our project possible. Simultaneously, we hope to enrich opportunities for individuals, students, and families in the Stockton community.

Student Opportunities

As a student organization, we are a place where anyone can learn. Members of this project spend one-on-one time with professors and learn new skills from one another. We also have the chance to interact with potential employers. 

Solar Car Project members building this year's car alongside faculty.

This year-long car project is hands-on and comprehensive. Divided into specialized 'sub-teams,' members train in skills like welding, coding, part-design and more to gain practice experience. The sub-teams range from aerodynamic to electrical design and even media creation. Students, regardless of major, are encouraged to join any team.

Community Connections and Contributions

The Pacific Solar Car is not just a project for Pacific students. We are as much members of the Stockton community as we are a collegiate organization. We receive support from our community such as manufacturing advice and donations from businesses and individuals. As such, we are on a mission to give back.

Our members tabling at an open-campus community event. 

Our club often presents at middle and high schools to introduce solar-powered technologies and applications to students. And as for businesses who support us, we proudly display their name or logo on our car, which is then showcased during national competitions. 

Sustainable, 'Green' Engineering

As the next generation to enter the workforce, we build with the future in mind; hence the motto: low cost, high efficiency, zero-emission. As we make Pacific's solar car, we'd like to prioritize sensible, realistic designs and purchases alongside engineering ingenuity. We'd like to help develop more sustainable and accessible technologies while expanding opportunities for research and development here at our university and across the state. 

Electrical team lead assembles a test battery pack.

Heroes of the Solar Car 

The support of the community, especially businesses, has been amazing so far. To pay this support forward, these businesses and donors will be featured on our donor wall (crowdfunding site) and our website. As mentioned before, businesses and donors have the option of promoting their support (business logo) on our car. This car will compete across the United States and beyond! We are determined to show that our vibrant community is a force to be reckoned with and one that produces some of the highest quality products and craftsmanship!

Solar Car Club receives a private tour of Applied Aerospace Structures corp.


For more information on the competitions please head to ASC & FSGP – Collegiate solar car competition (

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Race Fan

A gift of $25 will buy Sanders and Resins for the team!


Pit Crew

A gift of $100 can help purchase vital components necessary for the vehicle.


Grand Prix

A gift of $250 will buy a Solar Cell for the team!


Finish Line

A gift of $500 will cover the cost of renting out the track for test runs and help pay for more costly components like rims.



A gift of $1,000 helps ensure the team's successful completion of this year's competition and the continuation of the Pacific Formula SAE Team.