Pacific Emergency Scholarship

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Pacific Emergency Scholarships

To meet the immediate needs of our students, the Pacific Emergency Scholarship supports those who are currently experiencing financial hardships. We call on you, our Pacific Family and Community to help us fill that financial gap and get students back in the classroom. Together we can make sure that no Tiger is left behind! 


Pacific Emergency Scholarships 

The Pacific Emergency Scholarship Fund aims to help meet the immediate financial needs of students who may be struggling to pay tuition. 


The University has received an abundance of requests from families who are experiencing hardships. We recognize that many of our students are facing possible food and housing insecurity and therefore may not have the resources to cover tuition and tuition related expenses.  


To face this challenge, The Pacific Emergency Scholarship assists in meeting the need to offset these costs. A gift of any amount will help ensure that students have the resources to continue their education regardless of their circumstances.



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